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Exhibition "U feel"

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Exhibition "U feel, U see, U hear" at Akademie der bildenden Künste

AdbK 2010 04.jpg

We created a heartbeat-sensing station in just 8 days from scratch; including software, embedded- and exhibition-hardware development for a three-part interactive exhibition by Basia Baumann held from 16.07.2010 to 26.07.2010 at the Akademie der bildenden Künste in Munich.

Visitors could measure their heartrate on a "sensor-plate" (using a pulse-oximeter) while watching one of three different interviews. At the end of each video, the viewer gets a printout of the heartrate-curve from the interviewee compared to his/her own, to see empathic matching moments. The viewers heartrate has been visualized using a fast-flashing animation, displayed on 4 niftylight HD-LED Kit modules, pulsating with every heartbeat.

AdbK 2010 05.jpg AdbK 2010 07.jpg AdbK 2010 19.jpg AdbK 2010 18.jpg AdbK 2010 22.jpg AdbK 2010 20.jpg

AdbK 2010 21.jpg AdbK 2010 11.jpg AdbK 2010 12.jpg AdbK 2010 13.jpg AdbK 2010 10.jpg AdbK 2010 09.jpg AdbK 2010 14.jpg AdbK 2010 15.jpg AdbK 2010 16.jpg AdbK 2010 17.jpg AdbK 2010 01.jpg AdbK 2010 08.jpg AdbK 2010 02.jpg AdbK 2010 03.jpg

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